Round 2: Track Eight and Nine: Accident and At Tangerine Beach


ROUND ONE: 12 3456789
ROUND TWO: 12 3 45678 9

  • Accident begins very appropriately with a backwards vision for Danny of the bloodfall and the REDRUM. There’s also this cool moment where Danny’s giant face appears just as first lesson triking Danny would be passing between the spot where Jack and Wendy and arguing in the same room 14 days later. Remember, the song is about a horrific accident that killed the driver, so Danny having this expression while his earlier self was triking is pretty apt. Also, balls-tipping Danny is staring at (at least, in the direction of) a TV screen that might still be showing Roadrunner cartoons, and while Roadrunner never gets caught, his mom might get caught, and Tony is just flashing bloody REDRUMs at him to console him about this. So it’s neat to think that Kubrick was making a comment about the people who made One By One, and how children might see it and become traumatized by the vision of a real man actually burning to death (the Accident accident is much less graphic than the Black Flame one, but still).
  • Also, given that this track carries us past the midpoint on the Twice-Folded Shining, how perfect that it would be called “Accident“, like Kubrick is saying, what do you want from me? Is the rest not impressive enough? Also, again, given how he’ll describe his abuse of Danny to Lloyd (at the other side of The Rum and the Red almost perfectly from here) as an “accident” speaks to his glib tone in discussing the issue of Danny’s well-being with Wendy here.
  • At Tangerine Beach starts on the shot of the Overlook, which last time started with Seasons, and this time, the tone of At Tangerine Beach sounds like an ever more sombre version of Seasons. In fact, it’s like the Seasons version of Tangerine Beach, track 4.
  • It’s also neat to think of how this track twins Tangerine Beach, content-wise. That section featured a) Wendy describing Jack’s violence to the doctor leading into the drive to the hotel, b) Jack recognizing Delbert Grady, and their talk leading up to the moment of Grady describing Danny’s “very great talent”, c) Danny and Wendy watching Summer of ’42 leading up to the point of his talk with zombie Jack where he tells him he should get more sleep, and d) the moment Danny escapes suite 3 during Jack’s attack leading to the end of Hallorann’s interruption of Jack’s attack. So Tangerine Beach contains the majority of Jack’s attack on Suite 3, and At Tangerine Beach contains the entire lounge fight from Wendy first seeing the All Work papers to Jack laying defeated on the grand stair. Tangerine Beach features Dick’s first interaction with the Torrances in 6 weeks, and At Tangerine Beach features his final moments before that gap. Tangerine Beach finishes on an establishing shot of the hotel, and At Tangerine Beach starts on the following one (in the film proper). Tangerine Beach features Danny sitting on Jack’s knee in Suite 3 while Jack stares toward a blank TV, and At Tangerine Beach features Danny staring at an on TV without seeing what it’s showing. Tangerine Beach ends with Danny advising Jack to get more sleep, and At Tangerine Beach starts at the end of Jack reacting to his oversleeping. Tangerine Beach features Wendy describing at length how Jack’s abuse of Danny started with the boy scattering Jack’s papers, and At Tangerine Beach starts and ends with the results of Wendy finding his latest papers. Tangerine Beach features Grady trying to swindle Jack about the nature of reality, and At Tangerine Beach features Dick trying to explain the real horrors of reality without making things too scary. Similarly, Tangerine Beach features a solid chunk of Jack and Grady standing in an impossible room (the Gold Room bathroom), and At Tangerine Beach contains the entire discussion of room 237. Maybe this would seem less impressive if we compared any two random track sections and looked for the similarities (Black Flame and Nürburgring (Black Castle Ring) would be a good place to start), but suffice to say, these two tracks with twinning names do have more than a few comparative notes to point out.
  • We’ve already covered where everything ends, with the “Dead end.” And with the “Nah, I ain’t scared a nuthin here.” But here it is again, this scary dead end.
  • “Now get some sleep!” my wife says.
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