Round 2: Track Seven: Seasons


ROUND ONE: 12 3456789
ROUND TWO: 12 3 45678 9

  • As discussed, this is a cover of Vivaldi’s Spring from his Four Seasons. So, how utterly perfect that it would start on this very temperate view of the Overlook, and while ranting Jack is saying “Has it ever occurred to you that I have agreed to look after the Overlook hotel until May the 1st?!?” which is of course a time in spring. And actually, it wasn’t long into this whole exercise that Jack was saying to Lloyd about the money in his wallet, “I was afraid they were gonna be there till next April!”
  • Another neat thing, as the faux-luxury of this pleasant tune emerges, both breakfast Jack and creeper Jack switch from grim expressions to goofy grins, though both of their dialogue is on the sarcastic side. “Yep! That’s all it is!” and “Okay! Let’s talk! Whaddaya wanna talk about?”
  • And I don’t think we’ve ever had so many Jack heads line up, so for them to all feed into this first shot of the Overlook after the A MONTH LATER placard seems delicious. Jack is alone here now, and he will become this place.
  • As ranty Jack says “…single(!)…moment’s(!)…thought(!)…” breakfast Wendy is saying how it’s just about settling into the habit of writing everyday, while creeper Jack is flipping through the result of settling into the habit of writing everyday. Also, you know, I’d never thought of this before, but how many of these lavish breakfasts has Wendy made for him over the past 30 days? Seems like a habit she might be breaking off soon.
  • But, back to the single moment’s thought business. As he says that, he makes that ring with his fingers, and this ring cups breakfast’s Jack’s eyeball a few times. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a bit of a single moment’s thought, isn’t it? That’s what Jack settled into.
  • As we cut to Danny shining in on their conversation the words he’s hearing throughout his whole shine are, “Maybe it was about…Danny? Maybe…it was about…him? I think…we should discuss…Danny. I think…we should discuss…what should be done with him.” Meanwhile, the topic of conversation between the Jack and Wendy who are already fighting has just switched from whether Wendy has ever thought for a single solitary minute about his responsibilities to the subject of Wendy’s concern for Danny’s health. This happens at exactly 55 seconds to the moment when the Twice-Folded Shining will reach its crossover point, at which point Seasons will end, and give way to Track 8, Accident. But that means that this passage is exactly as long as the Hallorann scene at the beginning of the Twice-Folded Shining, 110 seconds, folded in half. So, could we fold it all one more time? Probably yes. Probably there’s going to prove to be a Thrice-Folded Shining, but am I gonna be the one to analyze it? Not without a good reason, because I’ll tell ya, I loooooong suspected you could fold the film a second time, but I resisted doing that analysis (for a year and half, almost) because I didn’t have any reason to do it. One By One/The Quick and the Dead/East Wind all gave me a reason to do this, and made the experience pleasurable, frankly. But is there an 18-minute album hiding in the Irene Reid album, or one of the yet-to-be-named ones hiding at Hallorann’s Miami apartment? I guess time will tell.
  • When do you think maybe he should be taken to a doctor?” After he’s been murdered?
  • “What should be done with him?” Twin Jacks would like to know.
  • So here’s the undeniable crossover moment, where both sides of The Rum and the Red meet up, a few seconds before Seasons fades to silence. But what’s cool is how a split second later is where we see sleeping Jack in the Suite 3 mirror, so it’s really like we’re venturing through a looking glass, à la Alice in Wonderland. Appropriate, then, that the first shot in the film is of a glassy lake reflecting the mountains and sky, or even how the image at the beginning, as it split Hallorann into his past and future, looks like a mirror world giving birth to some strange new reality. I guess that’s all I really have to say about this, but man, talk about…just…awe-inspiring. I almost hate to think of a world where an achievement on this level only registers a mild amusement. But would it be so bad if more movies were like this?

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